FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is eyeing the exits. (T.J. Kirkpatrick/GETTY IMAGES)

But now it appears that Genchowski is eyeing the exits, and administration officials are busily lining up a successor.

The White House has interviewed several candidates whose names have been much discussed by those who closely track these things: venture capitalist Tom Wheeler; assistant Commerce secretary Larry Strickling; and Karen Kornbluh, ambassador to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

One under-the-radar candidate they’ve also talked to is former FCC official Cathy Sandoval, now a utilities commissioner in California.

It would seem that Sandoval — a Hispanic woman — would be attractive to the White House, which has taken lumps for a lack of diversity among its high-ranking nominees. But word is that other contenders have closer ties to the White House — Wheeler, for example was a big donor to President Obama’s campaign— and are seen as more friendly to industry (that’s apparently a good thing).

So while Sandoval would be a choice that would satisfy some critics, she’s a long shot.

But whoever Obama settles on, it’s looking like it will happen sooner rather than later — the game is afoot.