(Elaine Thompson/AP)

It’s rematch time for the White House softball team, which you might recall got smoked last summer by a team fielded by a coalition of pro-marijuana groups.

The two teams square off again on Wednesday night at the field on the Ellipse just off the White House’s front lawn.

In last year’s game, the One-Hitters — you guessed it, that’s the pot lobby’s team — rolled over STOTUS, which is shorthand for “the softball team of the U.S.,” by a whopping 25-3.

And while the feds might be jonesing for revenge, the pot lobby’s got some extra skin in the game this year: One of the team’s sponsors is Mountain Medicine, a Denver dispensary and “medical edibles” company (their peanut butter cups look deeelicious) has a bit of a score to settle with the administration. They’re lobbying the IRS for better tax treatment, and owner Jamie Lewis says recent victories have made her optimistic about their prospects on and off the diamond. “We’re proud and happy to support the One Hitters so that we can win on the softball field too,” Lewis boasted in an e-mail.

And the One Hitters have a secret weapon. Players will be fueled by swigs of a hemp-infused energy drink called Chillo, made by another team sponsor, MediSwipe.

Best look out for high fly balls Wednesday night.