Here’s what the Loop is reading this morning:

The General Services Administration is under scrutiny. (MANDEL NGAN/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

A soldier’s gift — A small gesture by a low-paid soldier stationed in Afghanistan--spending $135 to buy warm boots for locals--is a sweet antidote to the often disheartening stories of military discord. Our colleague Greg Jaffe tells the story of a soldier’s gift.

Step right up — The John Edwards trial/circus might soon star some familiar Beltway types. Among those who could be called to testify include White House press secretary Jennifer Palmieri and Julianna Smoot, who’s working for President Obama’s re-election campaign, our colleagues at the Reliable Source report.

Games people play — Veepstakes fever’s in the air, and here’s a nifty game our friends at the Fix dreamed up to help folks find their dream Number Two.