Anna Wintour, on the red carpet Saturday night. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Hedge fund billionaire, Obama mega-bundler and high-stakes poker player Marc Lasry dropped his bid last week for that fine ambassadorship in Paris.

But that move may not have opened the door very wide for others to jump in with their rsums — or, more precisely, campaign contribution receipts.

We heard pretty definitively that the administration was looking at a woman to be the next ambassador to France.

If so, it seems the job would be Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour’s for the asking.

The New York Post reported that Wintour, who had been talked about for either London or Paris early on — but Matt Barzun remains likely for London — was back in “the running” for the job. (If so, it may be a very short race.)

On the other hand, Women’s Wear Daily questioned that, noting that Wintour had just been promoted as artistic director at Condé Nast and that the promotion was contingent on her commitment to the company.

‘‘If you accept it, you can’t then come and tell me you’ve accepted at a later date a job as an ambassador,’” Conde Nast CEO Charles Townsend said in March, according to WWD.

Well, maybe yes, maybe no.

Wintour was at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner over the weekend — on the correspondents’ side — but we didn’t get a chance to ask her.

Paris isn’t London, but it’s not bad.