Why doesn't House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi have more company? (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

435 glass ceilings — Here’s some good news/bad news data about why there aren’t more women in Congress: Some districts are simply more female-friendly (that’s good, we suppose). But of the top 20 districts most likely to elect a woman, only 8 are represented by a woman (not so great). Our colleague Melinda Hennenberger has the breakdown.

Bryson’s woes — Poor John Bryson. The commerce secretary suffers a seizure while behind the wheel that causes three accidents, gets falsely accused (on Twitter) of driving drunk and now the Reliable Source is noting that most people don’t even know who the guy is.

Requiem for a spy — Dick Stolz, top spymaster, is remembered.

Reporter resigns — Reporter Gina Chon resigned from the Wall Street Journal after the revelation that she’d had an affair with a source — who happens to be the White House’s pick to be ambassador to Iraq. Racy e-mails between the two were posted anonymously on the Internet last week.