World Bank President Jim Yong Kim (Issouf Sanogo/AFP/Getty Images)

Kim will be there for just an hour, from 10:30 to 11:30, according to an e-mail we got a couple days ago from Sanjay Pradhan, who’s vice president of the WBI.

“We have proposed a program to the President’s office that includes the following arrangements,” he writes. “We would like all WBI staff to come to the front office area before 10:30 to welcome the President, and return to your office at 11:00 when President Kim starts walking around on both 3rd and 4th floors.”

“As I mentioned at the Townhall,” Pradhan noted, “ we do not need to prepare particularly, but everyone should be ready to do an “elevator pitch” about your work program and what has been exciting about your experience with development at the Bank/WBI. I also encourage you to participate actively in the interactive session with the President.”

(An “elevator pitch,” we’re told, is something you say when you have 11 seconds on an elevator to make yourself sound important.)

This visit — as opposed to the one last July — doesn’t instruct everyone to clean up their work areas before the ceremonial visit. But we would advise you try to get that done before Kim begins his “Walk around & pop-ins” at 11:00 on the fourth floor and 11:15 on the third floor.