Here’s what the Loop is reading Wednesday:

Jessica Chastain in a scene from the film "Zero Dark Thirty." (Handout/Reuters)

Zero questions left — The Senate investigation into the contact between the CIA and the filmmakers who produced the film “Zero Dark Thirty” has closed. Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee said they had no more questions on the topic.

Old habits die hard — Somebody remind SecState John Kerry that he doesn’t have to flack for Massachusetts, now that he’s secretary of all of the United States?

Speaking of, Kerry’s “Kyrzakhstan” slip of the tongue inspired a David Letterman “Top 10” list of made-up countries, including “Camaroon Diaz” and “Uncle Arctica.”

Underground diplomacy? — We sent a computer worm to muck with Iran. Now we sent “The Worm” to North Korea — former basketball star Dennis Rodman’s trip to the isolated country is sure odd, but it raises ethical questions. Will it “unintentionally bestow legitimacy on the Kim Jong Eun regime, which would portray his trip as a show of tribute”?

...And the late and legendary FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover is the inspiration behind the new bar Edgar at the Mayflower Hotel. The verdict: The service and food “are criminal.”