Zombies in "The Walking Dead" on AMC (AMC/TWD PRODUCTIONS/AMC)

Are you an out-of-shape bureaucrat? Short of breath? Feel like an endangered species?

Then hustle on over to Arlington Square to join some of the Interior Department’s Fish and Wildlife Service employees and learn how you can live forever — as the un-dead.

Yes, you’ll get in shape (or hurt yourself very badly in the process) as you learn “how to dance like a zombie, dress like a zombie and do the Thriller dance” a la Michael Jackson, says an e-mail we received the other day.

We’re told classes start today (Wednesday) and every Wednesday from 4:15 to 5 p.m. in room 530 of the agency’s offices in Arlington — “subject to getting bumped by groups with legitimate need to use room 530.” (Unclear how many of those there will be.)

The e-mail notes that “surprisingly, this is not considered ‘work,’ therefore you will need to either take annual leave or schedule your time accordingly.”

Costumes and make-up not provided, best we can tell.