Think your workweek was hard? At least it wasn’t as bad as this guy’s. Here’s the Loop’s quote of the week:

“I will look into the case of the raccoons.”

NJ_Senate_Trail_Booker-06b0d-375_image_982w Newark Mayor Cory Booker (AP Photo/Geoff Mulvihill)

That was a spokesman for the city of Newark, reassuring the Daily Caller that he would find out more about the incident in which Newark Mayor Cory Booker promised a woman over Twitter that he would help her with an infestation of the four-legged creatures.

Sometimes, your day involves getting to the bottom of Raccoon-gate.

racoon_image_982w FILE: Raccoon in a tunnel. Courtesy University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

The Caller reported that Booker had broken his word, and that raccoons were still on the large. Later, it reported that the mayor had, in fact, ultimately made sure the proper animal-control authorities were on the case.