We’d been hearing chatter that IBM heiress and philanthropist Jane Stetson, former Democratic National Committee finance chair and Obama mega-bundler, was a strong candidate to be the next ambassador to France.

But there are a couple of other Janes in the mix for that job — which opened up unexpectedly when New York financier, and naturally Obama mega-bundler, Marc Lasry, the first pick for the job, withdrew in April amid news reports that he played poker in an alleged Russian mob-run poker ring that was laundering money through a Carlyle hotel art gallery.

One other Jane who’s name has been mentioned is Jane Hartley, a top bundler and CEO of The Observatory Group, an economic and political advisory firm. Hartley also worked as an aide in the Carter White House and at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. She’s married to another Obama supporter and investment banker Ralph Schlosstein, who had been CEO of BlackRock, the huge asset management operation and now at Evercore.

Oddly enough, Hartley and Lasry — as well as former ambassador to France Felix Rohatyn — were spotted at a big Wall Street wheeler-dealers for Obama 2012 back in March. (Truly a small world.)

Another Jane who’s name has popped up is Jane Harman, former longtime House member, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee and chair of the Homeland Security Committee subcommittee on intelligence.

Harman left the House in 2011 to be director and CEO of the Wilson Center, a foreign policy think tank.

Mais oui! Les trois Jeannes!