Bob Schultz/AP Bob Schultz/AP

A Loop blog post Tuesday (and column item Wednesday) noted a newly transcribed Aug. 11, 1971 tape of  President Nixon lamenting to aide H.R. Haldeman that “August is really a dull month.”

Nixon, according to the transcript of the  conversation released by our friends at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, said: “I was just looking at the news the other night. All dull. The only thing —  biggest news is [Harmon] Killebrew hitting .500.”

Yikes! The e-mails pointing out the error started coming in around 6 a.m. Nixon was not talking about some current hot streak the 13-time all-star was on, we were told. Nixon was referring to  the news that the Washington Senators (and then Minnesota Twins) slugger had crushed his 500th homer on Aug. 10, 1971, becoming the 10th player in history to reach that milestone.

So there shouldn’t be that little decimal point before 500. The Miller Center is correcting the transcript.

In all fairness, we should have spotted the miscue. (On the other hand, we’re long-suffering Cleveland fans.)