Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The agency that serves as the umpire of campaign-finance law is calling a strike against Major League Baseball. The Federal Election Commission says baseball contributed too much to the campaign of Sen. Jeff Sessions.

The MLB’s political action committee gave $5,000 to the Alabama Republican last year, and then in May, pitched it another five grand. But election law says such PACs can only give a total of $5,000 per candidate per election.

In a letter, the FEC ordered baseball to get a refund from the senator’s campaign, and although it says it could take more legal action, the agency noted that “your prompt action in obtaining a refund and/or redesignating the contribution(s) will be taken into consideration.”

Sounds like an umpire warning the bench after a fastball inside.

An attorney for the MLB explained that it was a technical error. One of the checks actually went to Session’s primary race and the other to his general. Just a matter of a box that needs checking, which they’ll promptly fix, he says.

In other words, a minor muff.