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Pardon us while we eat a BLC sandwich. That’s a bacon, lettuce and crow. On toast, please.

Despite the Loop’s skepticism that one C. Moore Bacon (whose political contribution the Federal Election Commission had flagged as suspect) was a real person and not a made-up name, it turns out he is quite real. Our apologies to Mr. Bacon.

The FEC had suggested that Romney Victory Inc., a joint fundraising organization led by the former GOP presidential candidate, return a donation from Bacon. They suspected he might be a foreign national, and therefore barred from contributing to a U.S. election, because he listed an English address and the British army as his employer.

But the Romney money folks — who didn’t immediately return our initial calls — now assure us that he is, in fact, both real and a U.S. citizen. The suspicious-sounding name — and the foreign address — had initially raised their eyebrows, too. But they were able to verify his information, and they plan to soon inform the FEC that all is well with accepting Bacon’s bacon.

So there’s no need for any beef.