We tried to calm our worried Canadian cousins a couple weeks ago. They were concerned that the long-expected nomination of Chicago mega-bundler and wealthy Goldman Sachs partner Bruce Heymann had somehow been derailed.

We checked and concluded that it was on track, just taking awhile to get him through the vetting process, count all that money.

The press up north had been looking at all the other countries, including some quite small ones,that had already received their own Obama campaign uber-contributor and fretted,  “What’s wrong with Canada?” and “Is this any way to treat a friend?”

And now, as we told you, Heymann’s nomination, first leaked back in April, was fully cooked and announced late Thursday. So, assuming Senate confirmation, no more worries. Washington still loves you.

Now, about that pipeline . . .

Speaking of ambassadors-in-waiting, relations with Hungary are much cooler these days, in part because of continued concerns that  Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s human rights record, among other things,  left much to be desired.

Nonetheless, the expected nomination of another Obama mega-bundler, Hollywood producer Colleen Bell, best known for the TV soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful,” to be ambassador to Hungary, is also on track. We’re hearing Bell’s vetting is done, and that the Hungarians, who must agree to the nomination, doubtless will do so. Something should be announced soon..