Secretaries of State are a competitive bunch. For years, they’ve had an unofficial derby to see who could cover the most miles, visit the most countries, etc. And now with former SecState Madeleine Albright joining Twitter, perhaps a new contest is afoot: who gets the most Twitter followers.

Albright, after tweeting her first missive — “First of 3 female SecState’s – last to join Twitter. Better late than never!” with a picture of her wearing a pin with a bird that reads “TWEET” — quickly garnered thousands of followers (she was up to more than 14,000 at last count).

Current Secretary John Kerry’s on Twitter, tweeting from the State Department’s account, which has more than 651,500 followers (not exactly a direct comparison), as is Condoleezza Rice with just shy of 100,000. Of course, it’s not really a fair fight when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is involved — her celebrity and status as a possible 2016 presidential candidate has earned her a massive following of more than 789,000.