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This post has been updated.

In our ongoing coverage of filibuster footwear, we’re curious to find out what shoes Sen. Ted Cruz is wearing as he takes up residence on the Senate floor, where he’s vowed to talk “until I am no longer able to stand.”

Chances are good the Texas Republican is wearing what he called in a recent dishy GQ profile “my argument boots,” a black ostrich pair that he boasted wearing for every case he tried as Texas solicitor general. (Chief Justice John Roberts apparently gave them his special blessing, too.)

A Cruz spokeswoman did not immediately return our e-mail.

These are not just sartorial concerns. Recall the running shoes that helped Texas state senator Wendy Davis through her famous 11-hour filibuster of abortion restrictions. And as we’ve noted, uncomfortable footwear was a factor for Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) during his March filibuster in protest of the Obama administration’s use of drones.

Paul recounted in a Post op-ed about his experience that his friend, Rep. Louis Goehmert (R-Tex.), offered to loan him the cowboy boots off his own feet to help him through the 13-hour session.

At least when it comes to filibusters, it seems cowboy boots are the new loafer.

Update: he opted for “ugly black walking shoes.”