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Remember when that bust of Winston Churchill — borrowed from the British government and temporarily housed in the White House — caused a minor kerfuffle for President Obama?

Now a likeness of the the British Bulldog is coming to the U.S. Capitol, and we’re assured that the artwork is not the same one that created controversy for Obama.

House Speaker John Boehner authored legislation in 2011 to install a Churchill tribute in the Capitol to mark the 70th anniversary of the British leader’s speech to a joint session of Congress. It’s set to be unveiled at an Oct. 30 dedication ceremony, and though a Boehner spokesman tells us it’s different than the one that once graced the White House, more details about the artwork aren’t being made public just yet.

Back in 2012, the White House was forced to apologize after incorrectly insisting that it still had a bust of Churchill that had, in fact, been returned to the Brits during the transition after President George W. Bush left the premises. (The chest-beating over the bust took on overblown proportions because it had become a symbol for Republicans criticizing Obama’s foreign policy.)

When it comes to such things, folks are prone to losing their marbles.