Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson's e-mail use was probed. (Susan Walsh/AP) Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson’s e-mail use was probed. (Susan Walsh/AP)

From the Department of Much Ado About Nothing, it turns out that the Environmental Protection Agency wasn’t actually trying to sneak around record-keeping responsibilities with that secondary e-mail account that former administrator Lisa Jackson famously used.

That’s according to a new inspector general report, which was ordered by House Republicans convinced that Jackson’s was up to something shady with her alias e-mail account (using a combo of her dog’s name and her hometown of East Windson, N.J.,  to come up with “Richard Windsor”).

Use of such accounts were common, the IG found, and were used to handle large amounts of e-mail. And the IG determined that EPA officials didn’t use non-governmental accounts to try to  get around the rules, either. “OIG found no evidence that [officials] used private email to circumvent federal recordkeeping responsibilities,” it concluded.

The IG did suggest better oversight and training about keeping records with private e-mail accounts and a general tidying up of its recordkeeping.

But at least when it comes to the GOP’s  accusations, it looks like this dog won’t hunt.