Playlists of shutdown songs are popular this week. (Of course, we like the one compiled by our colleagues at The Fix.)

But for a real soundtrack to furlough by, we’re partial to this track, written and recorded by three middle-aged guys we’re told are federal employees living in Indiana. The song is vintage 2011, when you might recall that a shutdown was narrowly averted, though the lyrics ring particularly true today.

“Shutdown” is set to the catchy tune of “Downtown,” made famous by Petula Clark in 1964. It satirizes the plight of shutdown-afflicted feds, but ends on a cheery note as the furloughs lift, with lyrics like “get back to work and don’t be late, you’re funded through September/ do more with less and do it fast and please try to remember/ we’re essential again.”

Which would be music to some folks’ ears.