Chris Farley (AP Photo/NBC, Eddie Baskin) Chris Farley (Eddie Baskin/NBC via AP)

Timing, as they say, is everything.

So the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute, on the eve of the Great Shutdown of 2013, announced a new  training program for agency managers to better  “motivate” their staffs. This will be essential if large numbers of State Department  folks are furloughed.

“Are you looking for better ways to build and maintain motivation for yourself and the people you supervise?” the Sept. 30 announcement says.

Yes, it’s “Manage to Motivate,” a “two-day workshop” that “demystifies employee motivation and offers specific tools for enhancing motivation at all levels.” You’ll even get “worksheets for diagnosing and addressing motivational issues … in the course materials.”

Here’s all the great stuff they say you”ll learn:

*The truth about incentive programs

*Six intrinsic motivators that drive high performance

*How to enrich jobs to increase employee motivation; (Maybe raises?)

*How to diagnose and address motivation problems. 

The course is offered in November, February and April, but the way negotiations are going, the government may not be open by November, so best to sign up for the 2014 classes.

Maybe they can get someone like the late, great Chris Farley’s motivational character Matt Foley on Saturday Night Live?