Sen. Ted Cruz has lots to say, but no book. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Sen. Ted Cruz has lots to say, but no book. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

It’s become practically a requirement, like being over 35 or an American citizen, for presidential candidates to pen books highlighting their unique American stories or their guiding principles. Tales of hardship overcome, bootstraps climbed, and lessons learned are de rigueur for the modern candidate.

That’s why we were completely unsurprised to hear this month that Rep. Paul Ryan was writing a book timed for release in 2014, which just so happens to be when possible Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo each have a book scheduled to release, too.

However, a few of the names widely circulated in the pool of potential presidential candidates of 2016 are still without books to their name. Those yet to join the authors’ club include Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley on the Democratic side, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (oh come on, we know he’s got a lot to say) and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, among potential Republican candidates.

Better hurry, guys! It takes time to pen that touching narrative.

The candidate memoir serves so many purposes. One can spin an awkward phase, or disclose on ones’ own terms details that might otherwise emerge to embarrassing effect during a campaign (see drugs, President Obama’s use of).

Though they’re not a panacea: remember the embarrassment that came the dismal sales of Christine Quinn’s memoir, timed for her unsuccessful run in the New York mayoral election.

So we eagerly await a few more additions to the genre. In fact, since the authors will be time-pressed, perhaps we can enlist creative Loop fans to help them title their books. Got any suggestions? Send them to