It seems the folks on Capitol Hill have finally gotten together a deal to end the government shutdown and extend the debt limit, which is the good news.

The glass-half-empty view: Prepare for Congress to ruin your life (or at least your life events) once more.

The deal at hand extends funding for the government through Jan. 15 and extends the debt limit to Feb. 7. Which means that all those congressional staffers, members of the media and others whose lives revolve around Congress should plan to spend the evenings leading up to those dates far from their loved ones — again.

Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays? Forget it, you won’t be there in time for dinner, even if you get a late reservation. Your kid’s school play? Have your spouse film it.

So what other things will Congress ruin this time?

To start, the Caps-Sharks game on Jan. 14, the pre-season Wizards-Heat game on Jan. 15. You might make the Jay-Z show on Jan. 16th, though, if all goes smoothly (and why wouldn’t it, right?).

Better plan to DVR the final night of Jay Leno hosting the “Tonight Show” (that’s Feb. 6, and you’ll be working). Like college hoops? Plan to watch the game at your desk, if you can convince your colleagues to switch it from C-SPAN.