WASHINGTON,DC-MARCH 17: Street signs on K St. NW, Washington DC on March 17, 2011 ( Photo by Jeffrey MacMillan/For Washington Post) (Jeffrey MacMillan for The Washington Post)

We asked for Loop fans’ help last week in coming up with an alternate name for “lobbyist.” Seems the word has become verboten, as it apparently brings to mind unsavory images of influence peddlers, so much so that the American League of Lobbyists is changing its name to remove the offending verbiage.

Loop fans stepped up to the challenge. Among the printable-in-a-family-newspaper (ahem) suggestions, these were some of our favorites:

The House Whisperers

Spinterest Groups



Legislative creationist

And we couldn’t help but notice a preponderance of entries that shared an acronym: “Professional Influence Manipulators & Persuaders Society,”  “Pass ‘Im Money Person,” “Public Image Makeover Professionals” and “Provider(s) of Investors’ Money to Pols.”

And an honorable mention for a suggestion for the lobbyists’ organization that we liked for its simplicity: Former Congressmen and Staffers Association.