Like father, like daughter?

For Sheba  Crocker, not exactly. Crocker, who was just named President Obama’s pick to be assistant secretary of state for international organization affairs, is following in the footsteps of her dad, Chester Crocker, who was also an assistant secretary of state (for African affairs) in the 1980s.

But though the two share DNA, and perhaps soon, a job title, there are some big differences. Crocker’s a Democrat; her father’s a Republican. The elder Crocker served under President Ronald Reagan, while the younger served in the National Security Council during the Clinton administration and is now an Obama pick.

And Crocker’s Senate confirmation hearings won’t be her first brush with the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. She came up — sort of — when her father famously took fire from Sen. Jesse Helms during his confirmation hearing before that panel.

Helms, it seems, was skeptical, and made an oblique reference to the future presidential nominee — who was only 13 at the time. “I’m sure when you go home at night that your wife and children are glad to see you, and your dog wags its tail, but I have some questions about whether you are the man to carry out the president’s policies,” Helms said.