‘Twas just a year ago that Romney campaign spokesman Ric Grenell and Obama campaign national press secretary Ben LaBolt were battling most fiercely.

But Monday morning they were spotted chatting  amiably over breakfast at tony Bistro Bis, down the Hill on the Senate side, doing  media strategerizing.

It’s the magic of the private sector — not, of course, the money — that drew the two together. Grenell , based in Palm Springs, Calif.,  with Capitol Media Partners, is a Fox News contributor. (He spent eight years as the Bush administration’s U.N. spokesman.)

LaBolt, a former  Obama White House spokesman, recently teamed with former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs to form the Incite Agency, a PR strategy firm.

Unclear what client brought them together Monday morning.   Also unclear who picked up the tab.

Further proof that, in Washington, no matter how it may look to outsiders, politics is just politics. Business, on the other hand . . .