Despite government job cutbacks, there may still be some good, really good, jobs out there.

Take, for example, this Federal Aviation Administration notice about “exciting international assignments with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).” That’s a U.N. organization focusing on international aviation safety and security.

Under the section “About the Job”  there’s some general information in addition to a need to like  cold weather — most of the jobs are in ICAO’s headquarters in Montreal.

“Jazz, opera, ballet, film festivals, skiing and auto racing are among the many choices for entertainment or cultural activities in this vibrant city,” the announcement says, not to mention hockey. “A few of the job’s attractions include the diverse working environment, six weeks of annual leave and exemption from U.S. and Canadian taxes.” Excellent.

But wait! You also get “reimbursement of educational expenses for your dependent children.”

So even if you don’t like ballet . . .