Andrew Schapiro, a top corporate lawyer who went to Harvard Law School with President Obama, has been tapped to be the next ambassador to the Czech Republic, news outlets there report, citing Czech foreign ministry sources.

Schapiro, whose mother was a Czech Holocaust refugee, was a law clerk for federal appeals court Judge Richard Posner and former Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. He would replace Norman Eisen in the beautiful ambassador’s residence in Prague. (It’s also where another former ambassador, the late Shirley Temple Black, also resided.) In addition to his big-time law practice, Schapiro has been pro bono counsel for the Sierra Club and and the Innocence Project.

Eisen, who also went to law school with Obama and Schapiro, is reported to be packing his bags this summer. He’s been praised in the Czech press for revitalizing U.S.-Czech relations. (Probably because he had visited the country before his nomination?)