The National Security Council has a lot on its plate these days: The crisis in Ukraine, the civil war in Syria, instability in Iran, White House beer distribution.

Canadian Ambassador to the United States Gary Doer holds his White House brewed beer from an Olympic hockey bet. (Canadian Embassy)

President Obama sent two cases of his home brew down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Canadian embassy to make good on an Olympic hockey bet, which the Loop reported Monday. The international matter was so delicate that his National Security Council was tasked with ensuring its safe delivery.

We checked in with Caitlin Hayden, NSC’s spokeswoman, to find out why beer delivery fell under their purview.

“Clearly the Obama-Harper beer bet is a significant diplomatic commitment between the United States and our neighbor and NATO ally, Canada,” Hayden told the Loop.

“As such, the National Security Council staff here at the White House believed it was important to oversee the full implementation of this bilateral commitment to ensure a strengthened relationship with the Government and people of Canada.”

Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper bet a case of beer on two Olympic ice hockey matches. Team USA lost both.

Gary Doer, Canadian ambassador to the United States, poured a little salt in the hockey wound.

“Canadians are not only known for their hockey skills but also their great taste in beer,” Doer told us in an e-mail. “This White House beer will now face the ultimate test with the Prime Minister of Canada.”

Hayden said the White House staff had hoped they’d be the ones downing an icy Molson. It wasn’t to be this time, she said, but she put their allies to the north on notice: In a rematch “all hockey bet options would be on the table.”

They could really raise the stakes and bet the Keystone pipeline?