Timothy Broas will be heading to the Netherlands as new U.S. ambassador. (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

Timothy Broas, whose nomination to be U.S. ambassador to Netherlands was withdrawn after a June 2012 drunk driving incident and then renewed a year later when the charges were dropped, was confirmed by the Senate on Thursday night.

Broas, a top Obama campaign fundraiser and a D.C. criminal defense attorney,  was also appointed by the president in 2011 to serve on the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars board of trustees.

Dwight L. Bush, another Obama mega bundler, was also confirmed by the Senate to be U.S. ambassador to Morocco.

Also Thursday, the Senate — showing an exquisite sense of timing — confirmed Caroline Diane Krass to be general counsel of the Central Intelligence Agency. As our colleague Greg Miller writes, Krass’s confirmation had been held up in part because of the ongoing tension between the CIA and the Senate Intelligence Committee over the committee’s investigation of the agency’s terrorist interrogation techniques.