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Long before the Web site foul-ups snarled its launch, the White House had hoped for 7 million enrollees in the Affordable Care Act’s first year. It has since adjusted expectations a bit, though a number close to that is still the goal.

Through the end of February, there were 4.2 million enrolled. On Monday, the White House said it had broken 5 million. The Obama administration is making one last massive push to reach a million or so more uninsured Americans before enrollment officially closes March 31. Efforts have included the president’s now famous interview on a Web show and the enlistment of celebrity advocates, most recently LeBron James.

So with the big day rapidly approaching, the question for Loop fans is: How many people will enroll in Obamacare in its first year?

Yes, it’s the Loop Obamacare Enrollment Contest! Simply guess the number who will enroll by the deadline. The 10 entries closest to the actual number will get a coveted Loop T-shirt and lifetime bragging rights.

Send entries — only one prediction per person — by noon March 28 to Subject line: Obamacare. Be sure to provide your name, profession, mailing address and T-shirt size (M, L or XL), in case you’re a winner. You must also include a phone number — home, work or, preferably, cell — to be eligible.

(Obama administration and congressional employees may enter “on background.”)