It’s confirmed. Hillary Clinton is an official Loop fan.

The former Secretary of State opened her speech Wednesday to the Association of American Publishers by sharing her favorite submissions from a Loop contest that asked readers to help Hillary name her forthcoming memoir, reports our on-the-ground colleague Phil Rucker.

Clinton told the publishers group meeting in New York that she was still mulling a title, and has turned to the Loop for guidance.

“Helpfully, about a year ago, the Washington Post asked readers to send in suggestions. For example, one possibility was, ‘It Takes a World,’ a fitting sequel to, ‘It Takes a Village.’ Another plays off my love of all things Tina Fey: “Bossy Pantsuit,” although we can no longer say one of those words. ‘The Scrunchie Chronicles: 112 Countries and It’s Still All About My Hair.’ That actually is a keeper; that’s on the shortlist,” she said.


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 Video via CNN

We suspect Clinton will be making lots more speeches and will need more laugh lines, so we’re re-launching the contest! Send your suggestions to: Subject line: Hillarycontest. The top five winners will receive an  official — and highly coveted — “In the Loop” T-shirt.

Be sure to provide your name, profession, mailing address and T-shirt size (M, L or XL), in case you’re a winner. You must also include a phone number — home, work or, preferably, cell — to be eligible. Deadline is April 4.

The item Clinton read listed the five top contest entries as judged by a three-colleague panel: Glenn Kessler, Ann Gerhart and Carlos Lozada.  (We actually thought another entry, “If It’s 3 a.m., The Machine Can Get It,” was the best, but we don’t judge these contests. Best entry from overseas was “Dame de Guerre.”)

Guess we should send Clinton a Loop shirt?