White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice (EPA/JUSTIN LANE) White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice (EPA/Justin Lane)

National Security Adviser Susan Rice attended the daily White House press briefing Friday afternoon, a rare appearance that some could interpret as an attempt for Vlad’s attention – much like Cher sending herself flowers in “Clueless.” (Yes, that might be the first Loop “Clueless” reference ever.)

The Loop highlighted a few notables left off Russia’s sanctions list Thursday, including Rice, who likely would have loved to join the nine chosen ones in their snarky and boastful tweets. Because nothing gives you Beltway street cred like Putin personally barring you from visiting Russia. (But seriously, why Sen. Dan Coats of Indiana? Did they just Google “senator” and “Russia” and find this?)

So, Rice and her deputy Ben Rhodes (who was awarded a sanction) spoke to the White House press corps about Obama’s visit to Europe next week for a G7 meeting (usually the G8, but Russia didn’t get an invite). As if taunting Putin, Rice said Russia is becoming “increasingly isolated” and then  fielded questions for nearly 30 minutes almost exclusively about the conflict with Russia.

Asked if Russia’s actions in Ukraine means a reassessment of U.S.-Russia relations, Rice said simply, “Yes.” She continued that Russia’s integration into the broader international community after the Cold War was “predicated on the expectation that Russia would play by the rules…”

Well, if that doesn’t get her on the sanctions list…

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