Seems Loop Fans may be mostly glass-half-empty folks, or are, at least, cynics.

None of the In The Loop Obamacare Contest entrants predicted the total enrollees in the Affordable Care Act would top the administration’s 7 million goal, much less hit the 7.1 million figure President Obama gleefully announced Tuesday.

And even after the White House early Thursday afternoon — less than 24 hours before before our Friday noon deadline for entries (thanks a lot) — trumpeted the total had topped 6 million,  many Loop fans still predicted the final numbers wouldn’t be much higher than that. (Winning entries submitted after the announcement are denoted by an asterisk.)

But the top five entrants, a more optimistic group, all predicted before Obama’s first announcement last week that the total would pass 6.6 million. Those five are:

First-place winner Pratap S. Surana, a retired welding company manager from Ellicott City, Md., who predicted the enrollment total would reach 6,850,700. Three others predicted 6.7 million:  Tuna Aktulga, a retired librarian from Chevy Chase; retired federal employee Catherine McCullough of Chantilly; and, Angie Partida, of Alexandria, who works for a non-profit.

The next highest entry, at 6.612 million, came from Gerald Feuer, a retired federal employee from Silver Spring, followed by another retired fed, Leslie Lawson of the District, who predicted 6, 543,210.* Health economist Allison Percy of Arlington guessed that 6,503,724 would enroll, and S. William Becker, executive director of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies, predicted 6,427,374.* Michael Gould, a businessman from the District, predicted 6.39 million* would enroll and Marci Wasserman, manager of national client operation for LexisNexis, predicted the final tally wold hit 6.375 million.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all for entering.

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