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We have a new winner in the Loop Obamacare Contest to predict the total enrollees in the Affordable Care Act.

When we announced the winners Wednesday we said no one guessed that the administration would reach its goal of 7 million enrollees, much less hit the 7.1 million figure President Obama announced Tuesday.

But we missed an entry that had been submitted by Alicia Payne, a housewife from Spotsylvania, Va.

Payne’s admittedly “rather optimistic” guess was 7,141,973, which she said she picked because she was married on 7/14/1973.)

She reminded us Thursday of her entry, but we couldn’t find her e-mail anywhere. The IT people, when they found it, told us the problem was “some undiagnosed technical glitch.”

So congrats to Ms. Payne. Apparently there are some optimists out there after all.