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As if the threat of perjury weren’t enough of an incentive to tell the truth at a congressional hearing, one congressman asked Attorney General Eric Holder to make a more sacred vow.

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) attempted to block the Obama administration’s purchase of a prison in Thompson, Ill. in 2012 because he did not trust that Holder would stay true to a promise not to transfer Guantanamo Bay prisoners there, as had been the White House’s original plan.

So Friday, when Holder testified before a House appropriations subcommittee, Wolf wanted absolute certainty that the attorney general would not renege.

Were you a Boy Scout?” Wolf asked. “Uh, yeah,” Holder said.

“Did you take your Boy Scout pledge that you will make sure that how this thing plays out, there are going to be differences, that there will never be anybody from Guantanamo Bay there?” Wolf asked.

“I promise, three fingers,” Holder said, holding up his hand in salute and pointing to it with his other. “That’s Boy Scouts.”

But even a Boy Scout pledge failed to allay Wolf’s skepticism. When the Loop inquired whether the congressman now trusted Holder, Wolf’s spokesman was emphatic in his response: “No.”

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