(Andrew Kelly/Reuters)

Loop fans please don’t take it personally, but it seems Hillary Clinton took a good, hard look at your ideas for her memoir title, and then promptly ignored them.

Clinton, who heads out on her ‘Should I run for President’ book tour this summer, has chosen the name “Hard Choices” for her memoir, a decidedly more wonky (and predictably neutral) title for a tome dedicated to her years as secretary of state. As Loop fans will recall, Clinton joked last month that she was taking Loop contest entries for her memoir title under consideration.

As it turns out, Clinton is not the first top diplomat to view her tenure as a series of difficult decisions. Cyrus Vance, secretary of state under President Jimmy Carter, titled his memoir (which sells on Amazon for a penny) “Hard choices: Critical years in America’s foreign policy.”

Clinton’s book goes on sale June 10 and is prominently displayed on publisher Simon & Shuster’s homepage, which says it explores how Clinton’s time on the job “drive(s) her view of the future.” (Like why Malawi elected a female president and the United States hasn’t?)

We suppose it’s a fine title, but we still think “From Hair to Eternity” is far catchier.