(John F. Kerry)

At the risk of abusing an overused Washingtonism, Secretary of State John Kerry determined pretty early in his tenure at Foggy Bottom that if you want a friend in this town, get a dog.

Well, Kerry’s best friend, Ben, affectionately known as “diplomutt,” and named for Benjamin Franklin, had quite the week in the spotlight. Kerry set up a Twitter account for his yellow lab, and tweeted his pup a Happy Birthday message Tuesday. No sooner had the tweet gone live than Ben, who has not yet tweeted, had 615 followers.

Then Thursday, Kerry brought Ben to a ‘Take Your Child to Work” event at the State Department. Ben behaved for most of the U.S. top diplomat’s brief remarks, though he did jump on the female sign language interpreter. (You can watch in its entirety below.)

The official State transcript from the event includes: “Whoops.  Sit, sit, sit, sit.  He’s learning.  He’s one year old yesterday, two days ago.  Whoops. (Laughter.)  Sit.  He’s learning, slowly.  He’s getting there.”

Should Kerry consider trying some of those obedience techniques on Putin?

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