We understand it’s difficult to capture the perfect image of your opponent as a flip-flopper.

No one in modern political history has done so as effectively as the Bush campaign in 2004 when its strategists turned a video of Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry windsurfing into an attack ad with the hook that Kerry shifts positions “whichever way the wind blows.”

So if you want to make the same point what’s the next best thing to finding a video of your opponent blowing in the wind? Superimposing his head on Kerry’s body, of course.

Neel Kashkari, running for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in California’s June 3 primary against tea party favorite Tim Donnelly, a GOP member of the state assembly, released a list of reasons, complete with gifs, of why Donnelly would be a “REALLY bad choice.” The fourth item challenges Donnelly over property rights, and says in a caption, “Tim Donnelly is flipping all over the place.”

Cheap trick or genius politics? We’ll let you decide.

(Courtesy of Neel Kashkari campaign)