Secretary of State John Kerry during an airplane refuelling stop May 5 at Sal Island, Cape Verde. (Saul Loeb/Pool)

Secretary of State John Kerry, off on a trip to Europe this week, has ramped up his record-setting travel schedule from 2013.

In his first year as secretary, Kerry  logged about 286,000 miles in the air, according to the State Department’s Web site,  easily besting former secretary Condoleezza Rice’s first-year total of 241,000 miles and former secretary Hillary Clinton’s 207,000 miles in her first year.

(Rice ended her four-year term with a record 1,059,247 miles logged, edging  Clinton by about 100,000 miles.)

In the first four months of 2014, Kerry accelerated to a yearly rate of about 300,000 miles, putting him on track to pass Rice and set the new outdoor record for miles traveled by a secretary of state.

Of course, as we wrote last August, “when the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks collapse — as they unfortunately tend to do — Jerusalem may drop off a bit as a Kerry frequent-flyer destination.”

Well, maybe things will heat up in regional disputes over some Pacific islands  between China and  Japan and between China and Vietnam. Those would be really long trips.

And there’s always Cyprus.