When we picture “intimate dinner” there’s candlelight, a bottle of wine and a table set for two.

But hey, everyone’s definition is different.

Monday evening, President Obama had dinner with mega Democratic donors Jeff and Lora Drezner at their sprawling $5 million bungalow on five acres in Potomac, Md. The Drezners gave a combined $100,000 to candidates and political committees in the 2012 campaign cycle.

For the bargain price of $10,000 per person, or $32,400 per couple for VIP status, (that better be some spectacular filet) you could enjoy an “intimate dinner” with special guest Barack Obama, according to the invitation posted by the Sunlight Foundation.

This marked the fifth of Obama’s  six fundraisers for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee before the end of the quarter, according to a DCCC aide.

The small party drew 65 guests. Can’t get more intimate than that.

But not every meet and greet with Obama costs a small fortune. Before the dinner, Obama made a quick surprise stop at Little League games in Northwest Washington, according to the pool report.

At the dinner, Obama acknowledged the “fairly intimate setting” and said he’d speak less and let them “ask questions or give me advice.” He then segued into a riff about the future success of the health care law, and how Republicans will have to rename it when its fully embraced.

“First of all, in five years it will no longer be called Obamacare, because when something is working they’re definitely not going to — there will be a whole renaming process similar to National,” he said, according to transcript of his remarks. “I don’t know if it will be ‘Reagancare,’ but it will definitely be — it will be something different.”