(AP Photo/Kevin Wolf)

Vice President Biden personally picked out the red, white and blue corsage he had sent to a teenage Connecticut girl who asked him to her high school prom.

More than six months before the dance, a Connecticut teen mailed the vice president a hand-written note asking him to escort her to the rite-of-passage dance, the Hartford Courant reported Monday.

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“I am inviting you so far in advance because I’m sure many 17-year-old girls send you prom invitations, and I had to beat them to it. I could only tolerate a high school dance if I was to be escorted by the most delightful man in America,” Talia Maselli, now 18, wrote. She then joked that if rejected she’d invite House Speaker John Boehner, adding, “And we can’t have that now can we.”

The day before the dance, which Maselli had decided not to attend, a package arrived at her home with a wrist corsage and a handwritten note from the second most powerful man in America: “I am flattered, but my schedule will not permit me to be in Connecticut on Friday evening. But I hope you will accept this corsage and enjoy your prom as much as I did mine.”

Biden’s office told the Courant that the vice president had picked out the patriotic floral arrangement himself. He invited Maselli to come to Washington to meet him at the White House, a trip she is planning with her family this summer.

Joe Biden, teen heartthrob?