People Magazine tweeted to its 5.5 million followers that Hillary Clinton had a meeting with President Obama. Then the tweet disappeared.

hillary tweet

Sandra Sobieraj Westfall, People’s Washington bureau chief, who interviewed the former secretary of state Thursday at her Washington home, told the Loop in an e-mail that People was going to retweet (they since have) the image clarifying that it was a “lunch” with Obama, not a “meeting.”

When she and Clinton parted, Clinton – whose book about her State Department years comes out June 10 – told Westfall she was off to dine with the president.

Westfall says the White House did not contact her to take down the tweet, and she was the one who asked People’s social media team to clarify what Clinton was doing there.

Specifying that it was a lunch denotes a more intimate event. After the initial tweet was out, the White House confirmed the non-meeting meeting. “The president enjoyed an informal, private lunch with Secretary Clinton at the White House this afternoon,” an official said.

The lunch was not on Obama’s official public schedule. Unclear if they invited Joe Biden.