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WH officials’ kids form a boy band, drink Slurpees

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A new boy band has formed in This Town, but these aren’t your average tween heartthrobs.

The four miniature rockers skateboarding through Union Station and jamming out on stage in a professionally-made music video, are each sons of a top Obama aide, according to a story by the New York Daily News.

The Daily News reports:

“Twenty20, includes the offspring of some of Obama’s top advisers — Jay Carney’s 12-year-old son, Hugo, U.S. Trade Rep. Mike Froman’s son Ben, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan’s son Lucas and Joey Doyle, whose mom is Hillary Clinton’s former presidential campaign manager turned Obama campaign adviser Patti Solis Doyle.”

The band’s YouTube page promotes its first music video, released by the 12-year-olds last week. “The first single is the catchy, power-pop Heart Thief, with a music video that captures an epic kid adventure around the nation’s capital — involving skipping school, getting loaded on Slurpees, and performing at D.C.’s Rock & Roll Hotel,” according to a description on the page.

Slurpees? Now we know these are Obama-influenced kids. One might recall Obama’s “Slurpee Summit” with Republicans in 2010 after the president repeatedly accused congressional GOP of standing on the sidelines sipping the frozen drink while the economy crumbled.

Also, do their powerful dads (and moms) know they skip school?

It seems Hugo Carney is following in his Dad’s footsteps. A fan of obscure bands, “(Jay) Carney, who has fronted “terrible, terrible” garage bands since his adolescence, says he always has been drawn to the idea of regular dudes making extraordinary rock-and-roll,” according to a story published last year in the Washington Post.

Carney, who resigned as Obama’s chief spokesman on Friday afternoon, joked in the briefing room after his resignation was announced, “I manage my son’s band, which is on the verge of taking off.”

Claire Shipman, Hugo’s mom and Jay’s wife, said Friday local indie band U.S. Royalty,who started as the boys’ music teachers, soon became the kids’ band mentors. They’ve helped the boys transition from covers to writing originals, showed them how to record music in studio and chaperoned them to band competitions.

The Daily News notes the kids all attend Sidwell Friends School with Sasha and Malia Obama. Wonder if they’re fans.

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