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The man behind the Stop Hillary PAC is waiting for his thank you note on Ready for Hillary stationery.

Last week, Ready for Hillary became a hybrid PAC, the newish tool that allows a political committee to raise and spend unlimited cash to boost or take down a candidate while also giving a limited amount to the candidates themselves. In other words, it’s both a super PAC and a traditional one.

Now pause for this irony. Dan Backer, the treasurer behind the anti-Hillary group, is also an activist attorney who happens to be the brainchild of hybrid PACs. As the lead counsel on the related federal case, he was responsible for getting them legalized. (He was also a top lawyer on this year’s McCutcheon v. FEC Supreme Court case, which he also won.)

“I did not get a thank you,” Backer told the Loop. “They’re taking advantage of our legal brilliance.”

Backer is the listed treasurer for 40-some PACs, most of them hybrids. Some are legitimate operations, raising real money. Others have accounts of a few thousand dollars. His Stop Hillary PAC has raised nearly half a million dollars since last summer. He also runs a Stop Pelosi PAC. And a Stop R.E.I.D. PAC. Those entities, Backer says, are designed to build an army of opposition to the Democrats’ deep political operations.

“Stop Hillary will oppose those candidates and fight against those who will be part of the Hillary network,” Backer said. “And the biggest thing the PAC will do is remind people that Hillary the brand is bulls***.”

So far, Stop Hillary has given $25 each to five federal candidates, an amount too small to show up on its campaign finance reports. Stop Pelosi gave just $250 to congressional candidate Alex Mooney (R-W.Va.) from the $32,084 it’s raised. The R.E.I.D PAC, which Backer says stands for “Stop Reckless Economic Instability caused by Democrats,” raised $3,728 and had not donated to specific campaigns as of the last FEC filing – but Backer said it gave to five candidates in Nevada in April. Most of the money raised for his political committees has been spent on fundraising expenses — spending the money raised to raise more money.

Backer clearly aims to be provocative.  He’s accused the pro-Hillary team of criminal activity over its use of a Clinton 2008 presidential campaign mailing list. He said Wednesday that her “primary achievement in life is getting her a** kicked by Barack Obama.” When he launched Stop Hillary, he released this confrontational Web video:

Seth Bringman, spokesman for Ready for Hillary, declined to comment on Backer’s claim that he’s owed a thank-you. Something tells us that if Backer is racing to the mailbox each day, he’s bound to be disappointed.