Eric Cantor had barely enough time to register his defeat before the Internet got to work cracking jokes at his expense. One jokester, helpful or cruel depending on perspective, took to the online classifieds to help Cantor with his next career steps. It’s difficult for a guy in the middle of his career after a decade in the same job to pivot (just ask the long-term unemployed), so we’re sure the unsolicited assistance with his transition is appreciated.


Rumor has it Nancy Pelosi had a little impromptu celebration Tuesday night upon hearing the news of Cantor’s epic downfall. One might recall she rebuffed his invitation once to sit together at the State of the Union, akin on Capitol Hill to turning down a date to the prom.

No truth to the scurrilous hearsay that Pelosi got back to her office in the middle of the night, poured herself a glass of Merlot and had a little fun at Cantor’s expense on the Internet …

UPDATE: The Loop is in touch with the real Craigslist poster who is passing along responses to the ad. We’ll add as we get them:

The predictable:

“Tell Eric that McDonald’s is hiring.”

And (amazingly) one who thought Cantor really wrote it:

“Excellent sense of humor! God Bless you and your family as you go on from here. And much thanks for your service this past and most difficult decade.”