Vice President Biden watches Ghana and United States play Monday’s World Cup match.  (Carl de Souza/AFP)

After their big win over Ghana, Team USA had a special locker room visitor.

And it’s hard to tell who was more excited to be meeting whom: the players or Vice President Biden.

The White House posted video of the Veep palling around with the team following their first World Cup match. In it, Uncle Joe is visibly thrilled to be there hanging with the boys. At one point, a player says he appreciates Biden coming. “Are you kidding me?” Biden says. “This is a kick, man.”

“Hey Timmy,” Biden says when he sees goalie Tim Howard. Howard, all smiles, asks Biden how he is. “Not as good as you are, man,” Biden says. “You played one helluva game, man.”

“I tried,” Howard says. “You did more than try, man” Biden responds. The vice president then introduces his granddaughter to Howard, telling him she’s a soccer goalie too. Things are great, Biden says, but “better today.”

Biden attended the World Cup game while in Brazil, a first stop on a visit to Latin America this week that will include trips to Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala. Early in the game, a crowd shot focused in on Biden in the stands for all television-watching fans to see.

After netting the ball 29 seconds into the game, the United States didn’t score again until the last several minutes.  A recurring joke on Twitter during the scoreless middle of the game was to “Put Biden In.”