President Obama hugs White House press secretary Jay Carney May 30 after announcing Carney would step down in June. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Is Jay Carney bound for punditry on CNN?

Carney gave his last briefing as Obama’s spokesman Wednesday. So naturally, the big question in Washington is: whither Carney?

There’s talk that some media outlets – you know, he once worked among us ink-stained wretches covering the White House for Time and then was the magazine’s bureau chief here  – have expressed an interest. We heard CNN has made a fine offer.

Carney even mentioned a future CNN gig last September, the Wall Street Journal reported, when he challenged Fox News White House Correspondent Ed Henry to debate the economy.

“You and I, we’re going to do this on Crossfire one day, I promise,” he said.  “And let’s be clear that I’ll be on one side and you’ll be on the other.”

But word is there’s nothing set and that Carney, 49, hasn’t signed on with anyone to do anything…yet. And there’s always a book possibility. Stay tuned.