(This post has been updated.)

During a trip to Minneapolis on Friday, President Obama spoke more candidly than normal about his frosty relationships with Republicans in Congress. One phrase set off a Twitter meme.

“I might have said during debate, ‘I want to raise the minimum wage, so sue me if I do.’ I didn’t think [GOP] would take me seriously,” Obama said in a speech two days after Speaker John Boehner announced his plan to sue the president over executive actions.

Over the weekend, Obama fans took to Twitter with the hashtag #SoSueMe, defending Obama.

It started with this one (yes, that’s Nancy Pelosi’s daughter):

Then this one:

And others caught on:

There was Obama with food:

And Obama with beer:

Someone got FLOTUS involved:

There was GQ Obama:

And of course babies:

And golf. Always golf.

Then there were some policy tweets:

And the counter-suit proposal:

There were memories:

And there were some anti-Obama folks who used the hashtag too: