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Iraq Operation Name Contest: The winners are …

President Obama pauses while speaking about the situation in Iraq on June 19. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

When President Obama announced his no boots on the ground operation in Iraq (they’re “advisers”), a member of the armed forces suggested anonymously that the mission be called “Operation Shiite Storm.” So genius and inspired that we posed the question to our brilliant Loop fans: What would be the perfect moniker for our Iraq retread?

And of course you did not disappoint.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 winners (in no particular order) of the Loop’s contest to name Obama’s new Iraq plan. Perhaps the Pentagon will even adopt one. Because every military operation needs a catchy name.

Operation Microsurge — submitted by retired federal government worker Jerry Kurtzweg, of Bethesda

Operation Mal Icky — submitted by retired Lawrence Suda, of D.C., who described the name as “Mal for our French speaking Secretary of State” and “Icky for the rest of us.”

Operation Baracking Bad — submitted by public affairs director Mike Bazinet, of Connecticut, who had other great submissions: Operation Camel Tiptoe and Operation Feckless Infidel.

Operation Fool Me Twice — submitted by a retired foreign service officer in D.C. who wished to remain anonymous.

Operation Sunni Delight — submitted by business owner Michael Gould, of D.C.

Operation Mulligan — submitted by retired DIA senior intelligence officer David Church, of Florida.

Operation Desert Stall — submitted by nonprofit group executive Robert Walker, of Alexandria.

Operation Tepid Thunder — submitted by PBS NewsHour deputy senior producer Daniel Sagalyn, of Arlington.

Operation Iraq Re-set — submitted by consulting company project manager Greg McNeely, of New Jersey.

Operation Hard Choices — submitted by Carroll Publishing news editor Matt Neufeld, of Greenbelt.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all for your creative entries. And a special Loop thanks to our colleagues, Matea Gold, Jason Ukman and Craig Whitlock for judging the submissions.

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