US fans cheer during a screening of the FIFA World Cup 2014 Round of 16 match between the USA and Belgium played at the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador, Brazil, at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois, July 1, 2014. (EPA/TANNEN MAURY)

The U.S.A. v. Belgium World Cup game has begun, and unlike the first round, this game is all or nothing. Forget confusing variables, after this match, the winner moves on and the loser goes home.

But there’s even more than you realized riding on this game. For American foreign service officers in Britain, there is breakfast.

Ambassador Matthew Barzun in London sent a handwritten note to his Belgian counterpart offering to cook his embassy “American” pancakes if Belgium wins. But, if the U.S. wins, the Belgians must make U.S. Embassy personnel — you guessed it — Belgian waffles.

And speaking of delicious waffles, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) was ready to feast on some before the game. But only by jumping on the very predictable joke of changing their name first.

President Obama also has a wager going with the Prime Minister of Belgium. As most of Obama’s bets are, the stakes are beer and is organized by his National Security team (remember his Olympic hockey bet with the Canadians?).